Work Ethics

乔治亚州技术学院系统(TCSG)和买世界杯app推荐指导和评估学生在所有学习项目中的职业道德. 十种职业道德特征已经被确定并定义为学生成功的必要条件. 这些特征如下:

  • APPEARANCE: 穿着得体,仪容整洁,保持卫生.
  • ATTENDANCE: Attends class; arrives/leaves on time; notifies instructor in advance of planned absences.
  • ATTITUDE: Demonstrates a positive outlook; demonstrates mannerly behavior; follows chain of command.
  • CHARACTER: Displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, reliability, initiative, self-discipline, 和自我负责.
  • COMMUNICATION: 表现出适当的非语言、口头和书面技能.
  • COOPERATION: Handles criticism, conflicts, and complaints appropriately; works well with others.
  • 组织能力: Prioritizes and manages time and resources effectively; demonstrates flexibility in handling change; follows directions and procedures for the work environment.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: 高效完成分配的任务, effectively, and timely; demonstrates problem-solving capabilities.
  • RESPECT: Tolerates other points of view; acknowledge and appreciates rights of others, 尊重多样性.
  • TEAMWORK: Works collaboratively with others toward a common goal in a respectful and cooperative manner; participates appropriately as a team member.


牢固的职业道德是全州乃至全国最关心的问题. 乔治亚州教育部创建了一个项目 GeorgiaBEST -在职业道德方面对学生进行教育和培训. The U.S. 美国劳工部估计,80%的失业工人并不是因为缺乏职业技能, 而是因为糟糕的职业道德.